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As an author, Tracey meets many writers who aren't sure what to do with their story ideas, who to turn to for advice, where to send their work, even whether to self-publish or pursue a traditional publishing path. After years of advising, and editing the work of other writers, she decided to gather up some of her own trusted editors to help writers as a group... and that is how Fairy Godauthor was born!

Tracey is the author of nine books including the Young Adult novel, Angel’s Grace which was named one of the 100 best books for reading and sharing by New York City librarians. Her other books include biographies, like Al Gore, and  character education books, like Overcoming Prejudice. She is a former teacher, and writes frequently for the educational market. Her editorial style is thorough and gentle. She blogs about writing and publishing news at Knitting with Pencils

Darryl is a self-described technologist and geek who wanted to be a writer when he was a kid, but got frustrated with the writing process, especially his typewriter (does anyone remember the typewriter?), once he discovered computers, his life changed. He still dreams of writing something worth publishing someday. Until then, he gets joy out of managing the workflow and dealing with all the technical stuff that makes the fairy magic work. He blogs about technology at Darryl’s Weblog.

Becky is a writer and editor with an M.F.A. in poetry. She specializes in poetry and books for children.

Karen is a meticulous editor who has been working with Women in Children's Media for a number of years. She specializes in young adult and adult novels.

Jenny is a former elementary school teacher, an editor, and our resident grammar expert.

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