In OVERCOMING PREJUDICE, Tracey Baptiste explores various types of prejudice based on race, religion, and sex. Unfortunately she was not allowed cover sexual orientation due to objection from the series experts. Despite this, the book is comprehensive and students can see how people deal with various types of prejudice and learn how to deal with it themselves.

OVERCOMING PREJUDICE is available at Amazon, Borders and other booksellers.


This biography covers Meyer’s super-fast rise to literary super-stardom.

STEPHENIE MEYER is available at Borders, Amazon and other booksellers.


This book follows Gore’s life from being the child of a U.S. Senator who had great political expectations for him, to his eventual career as a conservationist, fiercely campaigning for the earth’s preservation, and our own.

AL GORE is available at Borders, Amazon, Powells and other booksellers.


This biography follows Creech from her childhood in Ohio to her life in England and Switzerland and follows how her many travels and her relationship with her family influenced all her award-winning books.

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