What is the proofreading service?
Proofreading cleans up typos and small errors to ensure your manuscript is clean.

What is the copyediting service?
Copyediting cleans up spelling, grammar and mechanics problems, and looks for red flag issues like repetitive sentences or words.

What are critiques?
An editor reads your manuscript, and writes a letter detailing the general strengths and weaknesses, and provides research advice and possible direction for the work.

What is a developmental edit?
Developmental editing gives you a line-by-line analysis of your work and thorough notes on how to elevate your writing. You will also get an editorial letter outlining the general strengths and weaknesses of the work.

What is the cost for your services?
Our price list gives an approximate charge for every service we offer. To get a firm price for your project, please contact us.

How quickly can I have my work back?
This also depends on the length of your project and the availability of our editors. Usually we can begin working on your project within a week, and completion depends on the length. For picture books, a week, for novels, up to four weeks.

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